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 Mambo Cabaret Show Lady Boy Cabaret Show Bangkok Enjoy to see Thai traditional show at Nopparat restaurant

Enjoy Thai Dance Show Bangkok & authentic delicious Thai cuisine dinner and watching to traditional Thai classical dancing shows at Nopparat restaurant. Amazing great show of wonderful traditional Thai dancing show such as Thai music playing Khim, traditional dancing, and Khon the beautiful and mesmerizing masked dance drama of Thailand.

Thai Dance Show Time: 20:15 PM. – 21:15 PM.

Thai Dinner Set Menu Served at Your Table , Dinner Time 7.30 PM.

Nopparat Thai Classical Dance Ticket Price

SEAT : Adult : 800.- Baht Child : 600.- Baht

Price Included;

  • Thai set menu
  • Thai classical dance shows
  • Khon’ – the beautiful and mesmerizing masked dance drama of Thailand
  • Thai traditional music live

Nopparat Thai Dinner Booking


Nopparat Thai Classical Dance & Restaurant

Nopparat Thai Classical dance and Restaurant (2004) – Bring you a great entertainment and provide colorful atmosphere enhancement to your experience. Professionals who perform Thai Classical Dances in richly ornate costumes with delicious Thai Set Dinner at Nopparat Thai Restaurant in Bangkok Thailand.

Thai Classical Dance show, Dinner at the most exotic Nopparat Thai Restaurant in Bangkok. Enjoy to watching the traditional Thai dance show every night. You will be entertained many traditioned show and short performances. Visit Ruen Thep once and you will be amazed by the real taste of Thai cuisine and our friendly Thai service.

During dinner, admire the grace and beauty of the Thai classical dancers as they elegantly present stories from classical Thai literature and tradition. These colorful costumes need to be filmed. The show consists of six dramatic forms, the Khon, a formal masked dance depicting scenes from the Ramakian and originally only performed at the royal court.

Nopparat Thai Classical Dance Show;

  • Enjoy the set of exotic Thai dinner served in an elegant Thai style.
  • Experience a wonderful night in Traditional Thai dance.
  • All of audiences will be enjoy with the live Thai musical performance.

Thai dance show Bangkok Address

  • Nopparat Thai Classical Dance Show Theater Address
    59/28 Yannawa road (Between Sathupradit47 and 49),Yannawa,Bangpongpang,Bangkok 10120

Thai dance show Bangkok Map