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Calypso Cabaret Cheap Tickets Price NOW, Calypso Thai dance restaurant & Calypso Cabaret Show Bangkok Thailand. Best lady boy shows Bangkok, Enjoy to delicious Thai food set menu with watch the show of Thai dance show 45 Minutes and The best Show of Calypso cabaret show 1.15 hrs.  Welcome to Thai Classical by Calypso Thai restaurant at Asiatique the riverfront Bangkok Thailand. Calypso Thai restaurant dinner and Thai classical dance is operated by Calypso Cabaret Theater.Dinner time 18.30 Pm. And 20.30 Pm.

Calypso Thai Dance Restaurant

The Best Cabaret Show in Bangkok, Calypso Cabaret Bangkok has now edged out London as the world’s top travel spot. Tourists come to enjoy the party scene, but Bangkok’s nightlife has much more to offer. Calypso cabaret gives you the chance to enjoy a dinner of traditional Thai food while watching traditional Thai dance. Enjoy a meal at Calypso cabaret’s cavernous dining venue and catch a glimpse into Thai tradition and history with Mask khon dance. Calypso Cabaret Show Bangkok at Asiatique the Riverfront Bangkok Thailand. Calypso Cabaret Show Bangkok. Calypso Cabaret Show Bangkok – 25 years ago its first performance and today stronger than ever. Names of cabarets, shows, entertainment venues all over the world are famous and numerous and all stride for excitement sparing nothing on lights, sounds and sets.Calypso was lucky to meet the rare talents and astounding beauty of its THAI TRANSGENDER ARTISTS and since created this show with their uniqueness as the absolute center of the stage. Special Promotion and Offer calypso cabaret cheap tickets price

Dinner Thai Set Menu at Calypso Thai Restaurant

  • Crispy rice crackers with coconut dipping sauce (Served as snack)
  • Pork satay or chicken satay
  • Thai-curried fish cake
  • Stir-fried mixed vegetable
  • Kaeng Kiew Wan Gai – Green curry soup with chicken
  • Tom Yum Kung – Spicy soup with shrimp
  • Steamed jasmine rice
  • Fruits
  • Tea/Coffee
    (Excluded drinks)

Calypso Cabaret Cheap Tickets Price

Calypso Cabaret Show Bangkok, It is drama and revue music hall and cabaret Vaudeville and comes the universal entertainment live on stage,Deluxe and elegance life beat tempos debonair costumes sets and lighting a class by and crowning the stage with fame actors and actresses of unseen quality professionals in every aspect of the performance and last not least stunner, beautiful – Experience – Expertise – Excellence.that is Calypso The presentation of these outstanding performers as a show of strength of mind, celebrating the human diversity, communicating the spirit of tolerance and most of all the roller coaster joy of a LIVE STAGE filled with music, dance, beauty performance.”CALYPSO CABARET SHOW” We offer to Calypso cabaret cheap tickets price, let you see to the show.

The Best of Lady Boy Show Bangkok

Show of Calypso Cabaret Show at Asiatique the Riverfront Bangkok Thailand

  • OPENING SHOW; OPENING SHOW, A magnificent presentation of female beauty and evening gowns of fantastic grandezza.
  • ELVIS SHOW; ELVIS SHOW, Our own Elvis and CALYPSO’s most beautiful groupies.
  • THE BIRDS & THE BOYS; An ostrich festival
  • MUSIC-HALL; A joyful medley of the all-time favorites of yore.
  • MISTY; A tour de force of talent, energy and youth.
  • BLOSSOM; 1 woman and 3 men and she is winning.
  • BURLESQUE; No need to name her – she’s just ravishing.
  • MARILYN; Your eyes will pop – the incredible icon, made in CALYPSO!
  • TACO; A sophisticated fata morgana – beautifully daring.
  • KINNAREE; Our tribute to classical THAI DANCE with that typical CALYPSO twist: contemporary.
  • ARIRANG; Our interpretation of the touching Korean classic in a haunting rendition.
  • ALL THAT JAZZ; A never aging or ending sensation of pizzazz in motion.
  • HONEY RAG; 2 girls 1 rhythm – inseparable – a feast of joy.
  • THE FLOW OF THE RIVER; The most beloved and admired Japanese song of wisdom of life
  • THE BLUE LADY; Try not to love her – a hilarious gal
  • FINALE; Each and everyone on stage in sparkling gowns and tails with high steps spirits – THERE’S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS

Calypso Cabaret Show Time;

  • Show Time 1: 07:30 PM. 
  • Show Time 2: 09:00 PM.

Calypso Cabaret Cheap Tickets Price

Package A : Calypso Cabaret Show (Ticket Only)

• Adult 1200 ฿ 900 ฿
• Child   950 ฿ 600 ฿

Price Include

  • Calypso Cabaret Ticket.
  • Performance duration 70 mins with 15 show numbers.
  • One glass of beverage inside the theater.(Water,Soft drink,Beer)
    Drink choices as listed on your ticket after your has check in already.

Package B : Calypso Cabaret Show & Thai Restaurant (Dinner + Show)

• Adult 2000 ฿ 1500 ฿
• Child  1500 ฿ 1200 ฿

Price Include

  •  Thai dinner & Thai classical dance show.
  • Calypso Cabaret Ticket.
  • Performance duration 70 mins with 15 show numbers.
  • One glass of beverage inside the theater(Water,Soft drink,Beer)
    Drink choices as listed on your ticket after your has check in already.

Package C : Calypso Thai Restaurant (Dinner + Thai Dance Only)

• Adult  800 ฿ 650 ฿
• Child  700 ฿  500 ฿

Price Include

  •  Thai dinner & Thai classical dance show 45 Mins.
    *If you need for some special menu: Vegetarian or Muslim or Children menu, please notify us in the reservation form.

(A baby sit with the parent is free of charge) * Child rate 3-9 Year and tall under 120 Cm.
The ticket is included 1 drink.

When you make booking as Dinner Package. Please see details as bellows;


Booking and confirmation

  • Easy booking by Booking Form, after that our reservation will get quotation back.

After confirm to your booking;

  • Please check in before 15 – 30 minutes before showtime at Calypso Cabaret Show ‘ counter check in.
  • Please print Tour Voucher or show your voucher on your mobile, smart phone for check in.

*We will get Tour Voucher to you to you after confirm booking already.


Calypso Thai Restaurant & Thai Classical Dance Show

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Calypso Cabaret Cheap Tickets Price Review YouTube

Calypso Cabaret Location

    Theater address: 2194 Charoenkrung 72-76 Rd., Prayakrai, Bangkorlaem, Bangkok 10120 Thailand

Calypso Cabaret Show Map

 Calypso Cabaret Show l Calypso Cabaret & Thai Restaurant l Calypso Restaurant & Thai Dance


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